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Duffy, by Dan Kavanagh (Jonathan Cape, 1980)


Dan Kavanagh's first novel. Duffy, a bi-sexual ex-police officer, explores the seedy underbelly of Soho.

"Well-told and very, very grubby" — The Listener

"Definitely not for the squeamish"— Spectator

"Duffy is a wonderfully appealing character who could never be anything but the creation of a top-flight imagination." — Daily Mail

"Funny, sleazy, fast-paced and written with brio" — Guardian

"It is bleak, but it is good. Really good." — Me and My Big Mouth - Scott Pack

"Duffy is not your typical detective - and this is not your typical detective novel. It's gripping, witty and sometimes horrible and hysterical at the same time ... an absolute riot - and the good news is there are three more reissues featuring Nick Duffy to look forward to over the next 12 months." — Crime Fiction Lover

"There is plenty of goodwill for his witty books featuring his bisexual sleuth" — Independent

"Exciting, funny and refreshingly nasty" — Martin Amis

"The characterization is exact, the action gripping, and the writing pleasantly ironic" — The Times

"Treat yourself. One of the most colourful and entertaining English thrillers" — Evening Standard

"The laughs are as many as the gasps" — Financial Times

"Marvellously aerated by bubbles of Mr Kavanagh's very dry, sly, wide-ranging and Eighties humour" — Sunday Times


English Editions

Duffy. London: Jonathan Cape, 1980. (First UK edition, hardback).

Duffy. [St. Albans]: Triad/Granada, 1982.

Duffy. New York: Pantheon, 1986. (First American edition, paperback. No hardback released in the US).

Duffy. London: Penguin, 1987.

Duffy. New York: Harper & Row/Perennial Library, 1989.

The Duffy Omnibus. London: Penguin, 1991. [Includes all four Kavanagh novels].

Duffy. London: Orion Publishing, 2014. [Hardback & Paperback issued].


La nuit est sale. [Paris]: Gallimard, 1981. Pp. 217 [1]. Translated by F.M. Watkins. Série noire. (French).

Duffy. Frankfurt: Ullstein Krimi, 1981. Pp. 156. Translated by Bernd Jost. (German).

Kaoyaku o utte. Tokyo: Hayakawa Shobo, 1981. Pp. 169. Translated by Yoshinobu Tamura. (Japanese).

Duffy en de pornokoning. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij de Arbeiderspers, 1982. Pp. 199. Translated by C. A. G. van den Broek. (Dutch).

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Die Duffy-Krimis. Zürich: Haffmans Verlag, 1995. Pp. 712 [1]. Translated by Willi Winkler, Michael Bodmer, and Verena Schröder. [Includes all four Kavanagh novels]. (German).

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Duffy sau cum se taie cascavalul (Duffy). Bucuresti: Nemira, 2005. Pp. 192. Translated by Gabriel Stoian. (Romanian).


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